As a child, I was often in the South. I remember a noble race of people that was black. The black folks I knew back then had a grace and strength and spirituality in adversity that I envied. Now, I see a black minority group with a majority within that is profoundly removed from the experiences of my youth. I see a people who glorify things that are diametrically opposed to their historical cultural base. I see so many black Americans bestow celebrity on people whose works are thinly veiled efforts at enslaving them. It is a culture with black “leaders” perpetuating urban myths that only enrich and empower them.

What kind of culture is it that calls their men “dogs” and their women “whores?’’ Not the one I knew; but, it is the one growing in sync with the dependency culture. Young men prefer to expose their BVD’s in some childish display of virility. Girls continually objectify themselves by bearing babies that grandmothers and aunties raise. It is a culture with a whole new diction and syntax that is not acceptable or appropriate in the business world, and contributes to perpetuating second class citizenship (much like providing Spanish options on everything in an English-speaking country does to the Hispanic population).

This group of black Americans forgets its citizenship if it votes, and when it votes, votes skin instead of platform. This new culture blurs the truth of the founding of Planned Parenthood as a tool against the black race. Ignoring not only what that organization does, but also the main social tenets of the democratic platform, the party that most often cripples minorities. They defy their own foundational beliefs and vote for the lie of the free lunch. They choose to be societal thieves living off the toil and treasure of others, rather than the profit of their own risk and work, as individuals capable of personal responsibility.

I do not recognize this people group that has chosen to see themselves as lesser somehow, and incapable. I do not understand them when they demonize successful black men and women who do not truck with the democratic slavemasters. The demeaning of the men in this black culture is consistent with the same trend nationally, but, exponentially worse. Rather than strong families with strong fathers, I see women and children abandoned while their baby daddies move on to numb their minds and tickle their fancies elsewhere, leaving behind a mostly matriarchal society, which, in spite of what liberals preach, is not the most stable and productive family unit. I do not relate to or remember this loud, violent, coarse and ignoble behavior.

As a child, I saw men and women who stood with dignity as middle and wealthy class citizens against the varying ills of society. Their grit and grace led to change; and then, something else changed. A new group of voices shouted entitlement, revenge, reparations — No Justice, No Peace. The societal upheaval of the late 60’s and 70’s led to redirected expectations that looked outward, not inward. Why would black folks expect others to pay for their housing, food, clothes, education, medical care, retirement? Why would a culture choose to denigrate men and women like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Condie Rice? Why would these folks, and countless more like them, not be models of pride and admiration?

Where is the lost heritage of independence and the anchor of the black family that I so admired? As I grew to adulthood, I personally discovered the source of their old spirituality and gained my own strength from Him who is its source, as I struggled life’s struggle. I still work and hope, and desire to exhibit some of that grace I had seen, as I go. I do not envy most black folks’ heritage anymore, though. I pity them their loss of it.