Louisiana Floods and No Boots

I can no longer tolerate the politicization of the tragic flooding in Louisiana by the likes of a Donald Trump, his campaign, his supporters or the media. Mr. Trump came for a photo op, against the requests of the governor to delay his visit because law enforcement and resources in the state are stressed and strained beyond capacity due to the extensiveness of the disaster. Yet, he came and got his photo op, prompting opportune political attacks on Obama and Clinton for not coming for a few days, as per the governor’s request.

Not being a fan of either Clinton or Obama, I was not moved by those attacks except for the silly disregard of fact they represented. Aside from the clumsiness of the Trump campaign moment, the issue of his visit renewed the hammering on George Bush by the media and Trump supporters for his wise choice of a flyover of the Katrina devastation over ten years earlier. I was beginning to be moved.

Trump pandered to the evangelicals in the controlled area filmed, and visited no disaster or shelter centers. To frame it more specifically, Trump needed no boots while he held court with supporters in Louisiana. Whether or not his visit provided some additional coverage for the ravages of water in the state did not seem to be his concern. Rather, he pontificated with self-aggrandizement about his special relationship with the state to the microphones. Of course, those of us who have bothered to research the man know the exact nature of his special relationship to Louisiana. No donations by the Trump Foundation have ever been recorded for Louisiana’s Katrina disaster. Of course, that fact is not unexpected since the man himself does not contribute to his own foundation, much less to others through it — other than some of his political favorites like Fl AG Bondi whose office was deciding whether or not to pursue an investigation of Trump University. Rather, it seems to have been primarily used as a money laundering outlet for friends like his buddy in the fantasy world of pro “wrestling.” Indeed, the Trump Foundation seems to be a myth, very like his self funding of his campaign.

Regardless of the facts of his “relationship” with Louisiana, to watch him lie like the huckster he is became a “fool me twice, shame on me” sort of thing. The contrast of the joy of his supporters and the knowledge of the genuine unselfishness and community goodness being played out before he came, and that would continue after he left, with his grifter past in the state was graphic and poignant all at once. I was fully moved.

When I heard Trump’s effusive lies touting his “special” relationship with Louisiana, one thing came suddenly to mind. I wonder, Donald, have you repaid those investors Trump Co sold, then stiffed with the rendering of a NOLA Trump tower that never materialized? Adding insult to the injury of those that trusted his brand, as a matter of public record, the property on which it was to be built was abandoned, went to blight, was sold in sheriff’s auction to another business. It is now a parking lot. Where Donald Trump is concerned, it is best to not be considered “special.”

Trump is like the rendering of his NOLA tower — a generated picture of a shiny “bait” without substance, an overgrown lot waiting to have a real businessman spend his money to clean it up and pour asphalt for blacktop parking. An orange, starched and lacquered Donald Trump trotted about in a show of concern for flood victims photo op…without boots…thus, the switch. He may have successfully cast the bait, but, as is true with TheDonald, we must beware the “switch”.