Politics is Good

Politics are good. Yes, you read me right. Many Christians are disengaged from their own country’s governance. They literally become so shortsighted that they cannot see the wisdom of involvement in politics, nor the unintended consequences of detachment. They like to focus on their future home in God’s perfect Heaven, and enjoy their pleasant lives with friends and family. The thoughts and risks of becoming active in the worldly world can be, not just distasteful, but intimidating and risky. The cry can be heard, “This world is not my home…” I believe that, too, and sing it with gusto. We are not “of” this world, it is true, but we are in it. It is high time for Christians to throw off their passiveness, stop whining about conspiracies, and resist the Evil One. We simply are not resisting when 95% of evangelical Christians will never be involved in leading someone to a knowledge of the Gospel of Christ. If we are that passive in our faith, concerning our mission here, will we not be even more detached as voters?

Christians focus on “enjoying the trip to Heaven” more than on enduring hardship. Some of us have misplaced expectations of a theocracy for the United States. At the very least even the most cursory study of the letters of the Apostle Paul, not to mention the Book of Esther, would dispel those ideas. All that to say: Obama is our fault. We are detached from our duties as citizens of the quintessential lighthouse to the world. We do not vote due to what? Laziness, dispassion, disinterest, dissatisfaction, ignorance? We are living carelessly. With a voting block of our size, we could insure a sound presidency for years of voting cycles, but, less than 25% of Christians voted in the last presidential election — sealing an Obama win.

Now, our entire way of life and the freedom of our pulpits are at risk. Nothing is more dangerous than an unschooled and brutish, manic autocrat, with the despotic instincts of a Putin page, armed with his campaign’s pipeline to the Kremlin like Donald Trump, other than an Islamist-favoring socialist democrat like Barrack Obama — the man we elected by default — and, yes, more dangerous than a compromised Hillary Clinton. I recognize that because we have not insisted on Constitutionally sound and charactered candidates by activism, the bar has been lowered election by election until we are now at a place where we are existentially threatened by the likes of a Donald Trump as president elect.

I would ordinarily address the false step of getting caught up in third party antics, or other candidates that are not viable. I would warn that we not get on our self-righteousness horse and refuse to vote, leaving liberal democrats laughing all the way to the Oval Office. I would remind you that we have openly attacked our less conservative candidates so heavy handedly that we have effectively depressed voter turnout. The results of unheeded warnings have given us such startlingly poor elected officials that many are now not only full of fear or anger…but, reactive.

Reactive emotionalism is dangerous, and has given rise to serious error in political history. Unheeding ears that would not hear the warnings are now closed by scar tissue to the reality that we are to blame for the loathsome choices that the two major parties have proffered. Trump followers, I use that word purposefully, are more than supporters. Many have displaced Christ and look to Trump, the man that introduced the first strip club to a casino, as the new head of the Church without even realizing they are doing so. The hyper-nationalism and destructive populism their piper plays has them booted, and moving in lockstep toward the cliff. Others are Hillary hate voters. Dispassionate about Trump, but so full of hate for her that they cannot perceive the dangers of his “movement” as they rationalize his temperament, character and every vile, narcissistic, despotic, dangerous, and, even, progressive thing he says. Putin, however, the old Soviet with a Peter the Great fetish, is perceptive. He endorses Trump, as he did Obama, knowing who best serves his purposes and Russia’s interests.

Christians are like the kid who brings the baseball to the sandlot. If others do not play by his rules, he takes his ball and goes home, then frets about having no one to play with. He effectively ruins baseball for everyone. Rather, why don’t we play politics? Why don’t we toss out the first pitch, and start winning the other players over to our position as the game progresses. Yeah, it may take a few lockouts, power plays and fights among the players; but, with tenacity and leadership, the word will get out, more players will show up, and we will field a team. We will play, and we will win. We must get in the game, and stay in the game, or we will lose our access to the playing field.

This 2016 election is unique in the urgency of the hour. We have accepted the false premise that elections are binary. Elections offer more than two choices. This year’s election demands close attention be paid to the down ticket candidates, particularly since Trump’s nomination seems to be a drag on those candidates and a boon to liberal democrats. If we stay on the field and fight for reality, pray for God’s mercies on us, if we refuse to surrender to the baseness of these choices, and stand, will not others?

A charactered and patriotic man who respects the Constitutional system, and brings unique experience and knowledge to his campaign, Evan McMullin, is running for president. He could garner enough support to frustrate the bids of both dangerous Trump and loathsome Hillary — if we dared to support him. At the very least, perhaps we can pull enough votes away from the powermonger Trump to defeat him and instill an even further crippled Clinton for one survivable term.

We know in our heart of hearts that Trump is the man our conscience says he is. I cannot, nor will not, tell my new little granddaughter I voted in a debauched, hedonistic dictator who, in his pride, ignorance and carelessness, brought America under global control through war and economic default. I will do all I can to force an electoral college deadlock and Congressional decision. I will do all I can to round up a team, and I will play politics.