The Lesser Evil vs An Evil Conscience

Written in response to a friend telling me she understood and agreed with the facts about Trump, but is voting for him as the “lesser” evil:

Sorry to hear that,in ordinary times and with more reasonable noseholders like Romney and McCain to vote for, I would have agreed. However, after more than a year of extensive vetting, I believe that as loathsome as Clinton is, she is a compromised candidate and is more controllable than Trump. She must walk more softly, even as she is doing in her campaign now. He represents an existential threat to our very core system since he finds Congress and the Constitution irrelevant. His instincts and practices are despotic, as well as criminal. His admiration for dictators like KimJongUn and the assassinations of political enemies upon following his father into rulership, other despots like Putin and Saddam Hussein, the Putin pipeline he has established in his campaign, as well as his endorsement by the dictator, are chilling.

I can never vote for someone that I have seen is erratic and more Clintonian than Clinton herself, unknowledgeable, and whose rhetoric bears uncomfortable likenesses to the outcries of the Hitler politicos and populists of 1920’s Germany. I will not vote for Clinton either. Evan McMullin looks sound as one alternative. Some are choosing Gary Johnson or the opportunity to use the write-in option.

If Clinton wins, so be it. A clear conscience in the decline of America is no small consideration. I have fought for State centric governance, local education without federal mandates, and Judeo-Christian moral code of law as represented by the documents of our Founders in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I will not ever have to tell my new granddaughter I voted for a Trump, a man that looks at her as an object to be used or evaluated on her sensuality, or who once postured that if Putin killed reporters, it’s okay because it can’t be proved, suggests using GITMO as a prison for “bad Americans” even as he maintains his own press and political blacklist, and denies US protection to new and extremely proAmerican NATO nations like Estonia.

Trump reveals his heart by his own mouth. His supporters rationalize or excuse his words, but Putin does not. As he did with Obama, Putin endorsed Trump, even when many questions and trails have arisen as to his circuitous funding of contributions to Trump’s campaign. He seems to know who, of the two, Trump or Clinton, best serves Russia’s interests. I would that more Americans believed Putin on this one. He was right for Russian interests last time around, eh?