3 biggest video-game consoles in the market

Releasing a game on game consoles (Playstation/Nintendo-Switch/Xbox) is a goal for most (if not all) of the game developers out there. There are a lot of challenges if you want to get your game running on a console. One of them is getting a developer kit.

It is not like you are creating a game for PC where you just hit compile and run it directly from your PC. No. You can’t just export your project into an executable game and play it from your Nintendo Switch. …

TnTank: A game about surviving from invisible TNTs

In this post, I will demonstrate how to create a game using ArduEngine framework. If you want to know further about ArduEngine, you can refer to this post: ArduEngine: a Simple Framework for Creating Games on Arduboy

So, TnTank is an arcade — puzzle memory game, where you’ll be controlling a tank, and you must avoid all the TNTs and reach the goal safely. All the TNTs can be seen for the first couple of seconds, then it will disappear.

Getting Started

First, I create a new ArduEngine project by run this command:

./ArduEngine.sh TNTANK

After I created a new project on…


How I Know Arduboy

I know Arduboy when I was in college around 2014 ~ 2015, it was a Kickstarter project. I was very interested on that project since it’s a game system the size of a credit card, but I couldn’t back the project since I don’t have credit card. Moving forward to 2017 when I totally forgot about Arduboy, I attended GameStart Asia in Singapore. I found an Arduboy stand on the corner, and without any hesitation, I bought one of it, and it came with Sirene game from TeamARG.

Creating Arduboy Games

As a programmer, I tried to create my own game on Arduboy…

TUNIC is one of the most anticipated Indie Games today (At least until we wrote this story). The game is about a tiny fox surrounded by 3D Isometric cute world. We saw TUNIC for the first time on 2016 or earlier (At that time, it was named Secret Legend). We were stunned by how Andrew Shouldice tilt the grass when the tiny fox walks around them.

Cutting grasses are not implemented

It was really cute, and we know we’re gonna implement it on Roojack. Of course we ask Andrew if we can implement it into our game, and he responded positively. …

Vincentius Madya

2014 ACM ICPC World Finalist 🏅, Software Engineer @ Amazon 💻, Roojack Developer 🎮

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