Heneral Luna (Critique Paper)

The film Heneral Luna tells the biography of Antonio Luna. How he fought for the Philippines and how he handled the war between Filipinos and Americans. I remember a scene in the movie where Heneral Luna said “Ganito ba talaga ang tadhana natin? Kalaban ang kalaban? Kalaban ang kakampi?” for me this line delivers the message of the story. In the movie war between Filipinos and Americans didn’t stop because of betrayals and quarrels between ally, which is Filipino to Filipino. In the movie politicians take both sides, side of Filipinos and side of Americans. They can’t stand with their own feet, they can’t make themselves loyal to our country, they can’t give their lives for our country unlike Heneral Luna. We saw in the movie that every time politicians and Heneral Luna has meetings they always argue, they always disagree with each other. Heneral Luna said “Mga kapatid, mayroon tayong mas malaking kaaway kaysa sa mga Amerikano. An gating sarili.” Filipinos fight with each other because Filipinos were led by anger and selfishness to do things that make themselves and their fellow Filipino their enemy. The film was very engaging because its story encourages all the Filipinos who are slaves to fight for their rights. It also encourages us to be brave like Heneral Luna. It also shows us that selfishness and anger will only lead us to failure or disappointment. This film lifts up the dignity of a Filipino because the problem today with the Filipinos is that they’re all dependent to other countries and are not brave enough to fight for their rights. The “Function of art” being fulfilled by the film is the Spoliarium. It means war. This is the scene where Heneral Luna died because one of his platoons who betrayed him, tortured him. When Heneral Luna died they pulled Heneral Luna towards the wall and it pictures the Spoliarium. This is my most favorite part of the movie because of its message and impact. This scene gave me goosebumps. There was an aesthetic experience through the whole movie specially when the Spolarium appeared. I appreciate this movie because of it strong message and strong impact for me as an audience. I appreciate this movie because of its art just like the art of friendship, teamwork, love for the country, and unity, even the arguments and betrayals of Filipinos in the movie was very valuable. In the movie Joven Hernando, Jr. is the one who interviewed Heneral Luna. Joven represents the new generation of Filipino that’s why he is protected by Heneral Luna and his platoons. He is the only one who knew the real story behind the war that Heneral Luna handled with bravery and love for the country.

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