If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

While I understand you seem to have spent a lot of time on far right-wing sites, my question is: have you ever lived in a rural area? Do you have friends, family members, and neighbors in rural areas? We aren’t “preppers” — we’re normal people. You’ll find Clinton voters in rural areas; furthermore, you’ll find Clinton voters and Trump voters doing business with each other, going to church together, and sending their kids to the same schools in rural areas. That’s the reality of rural life: you live in fairly close proximity to people who may or may not agree with you. This feels like a sensationalist piece that doesn’t actually build bridges — it just further misconstrues urbanites’ ideas about their rural counterparts. As someone who grew up in a small town in deeply conservative Kentucky (a.k.a., Trump country), it’s frustrating and alienating to see my community misrepresented.

Another complexity of rural life that seems to be missed time and again, whether by the “MSM” or independent pieces such as this: there *are* “elites” in rural areas. There are wealthy people, working-class people, and impoverished people here. One of the biggest Trump supporters in my hometown is also one of the wealthiest. This idea that rural communities are full of disenfranchised people raging against the system has been blown way out of proportion.