Happening by chance. An unplanned…

I know I was unplanned from the day I open my eyes, tears ran down dry, to the day I independently conquer the world, though I know deep with in me I am no a conqueror, maybe I was brave enough to face this envenomed human beings in front of me. I have fears,we all have fears, fear to be left alone, fear of being prejudiced with everyone, fear of heights,dark,and being dense in a clout. Being human is just being benevolent as possible as it could be possible.

I love being with myself reciprocating all the moments and memories I had when the world has not yet plan a human being to be created. Although some of the memories are vague, like the clouds pouring water not sure if the storms and thunders are bind together to create a very drastic result to mankind.

I know I was unplanned, when people keep on travailing my feelings. in this world created full of misery questions running through my mind keep on coming. I know they are in spite and despite of life, life that has full of mystery. That’s the run through of my life. I am not perfect, I will never be, and never would I try to be perfect, committing mistakes is natural to be unnatural. But, still i cant condemn people who continuously love hurting, instead of learning how to live a life by their own.

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