“To be, or not to be” — Shakespeare

To be, or not to be yourself is your choice in life. Some of us don’t contimplate this hard and confusing question that the very mind puts aside. We always think about it but do we ever try? Today we see many people, who mostly are in highschool, who act upon others. These people are depressed, insecure, and not comfortable with their well-being. They need to feel alive, alive in someone else’s state of mind. Why do people feel the need to be another person? Well they don’t like themselves.

They think they are ugly. They want to be liked, they need to be liked. They want to feel different because they can not deal with the fact of thinking over and over that they are nothing to anyone. Having a mind set to strive to be someone you are not. People who have not dealt with this feeling or thought are the very few lucky ones. Because as the rest of us, insecurity takes over the mind and makes it do things we wish we didn’t.

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