Daily CSS Images: Day 4

Guess what it is…


It’s a tiger!

It took a lot longer than the others. I added a lot more detail than I have in previous days and did a lot more planning.

Overly processed planning

As you can see, I planned out the CSS classes I would need and the variables I would use in those classes. I also planned the unusual shapes as well by pointing to them on the sketch.

The tiger ended up a little bit different than I planned. I used a linear gradient to apply the stripes on almost everything, so I didn’t get the look I drew. The ears and tail were made by using the border style of “dotted” with a solid black border underneath.

These two tricks were specifically learned for this tiger. I wanted to be “lazy” and not draw a stripe everywhere I wanted a stripe, so I learned how to use the linear gradient to achieve the look.

Below is the codepen for the Tiger

As always, comments and improvements are appreciated!

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