Day 3 of Daily CSS Images

It’s a beaver.

Final outcome

I’m one day late to post, but I wrote and tweeted it out yesterday.

I took the same steps as Day 2. I sketched it out, planned the colors, planned the shapes I would need, and wrote down the hex value of the colors I would use.

Beaver sketch that was overly processed for no reason

As you can see from the sketch, I was planning on adding lines to the tail, but I ended up not adding them. That was a pure time restraint choice. I did my planning in the morning and then used my lunch break to code the beaver. I was running out of time on my lunch break and decided not to add those details. I plan on revisiting this and adding more to it.

In this image, I used Pug to make the HTML part a bit faster. I noticed that this also allowed me to see what classes are nested more easily than using standard HTML with div classes.


Here is the codepen to the beaver.

As always, comments and improvements are always appreciated!

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