My journey on developing a website

I decided to develop a website that hold Hog 4 Programming tips. I wanted to make something that is useful to me and can help other people. In this post, I’ll explain my goals and list out my steps for this project.

My steps:

  • Create the basic structure
Sketch of website


  • Practice my web development
  • Create something other people are interested in
  • Allow for input from the Hog 4 Programming community

The above are my three main goals. It’s important to create an input from the community so that I’m posting relative tips for users.

To allow for the third goal, I created the Trello board. Some people are overwhelmed by GitHub, so I decided to take something a little more friendly to a non-developer. I have an IFTTT that for any new cards in the “tips to add” list then a new issue on GitHub will be created. This allows me to see everything in GitHub.

That’s it for now.

I’ll dive more into what I used to develop the site in the next post.

Go check out the GitHub Repo and Trello board. I appreciate thoughts and comments.

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