It’s More Than Hypocrisy

A screenshot of tweets by Christian Walker, Herschel Walker’s son, in which he says his father threatened to kill him and his mother. Photo Credit: Screenshot by author.
Christian Walker, Herschel Walker’s son, accused his father of threatening to kill him and his mother. Screenshot by Author.

Whether Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker paid for his ex-girlfriend’s abortion isn’t just a question of hypocrisy. It’s about how much voters will forgive their candidates to beat political rivals.

Walker denies the allegation and says he’s a reformed Believer who now supports a 100% ban on abortions. And GOP leaders and voters are rallying behind him.


Walker has a history of domestic abuse, according to police reports and his son Christian. He’s labeled all abortions murder, meaning he supports letting a mother die instead of terminating a life-threatening pregnancy. He’s a threat to women.

Maternal mortality is rising and one in four women is violently abused, the CDC says. Last week, a mother near my area was murdered allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, who has a violent history.

A Walker candidacy shouldn’t even be a thing.



A snowy owl, a.k.a. the polar, white, or Arctic owl. A snowy owl sighting is rare, especially in southern areas since they mostly stay in Arctic regions. Photo by Tim Zankert/Unsplash

There she was, just outside my apartment window, perched on the branch of an elm tree: An all, snow-white owl, no larger than my hand.

It was a rare sighting, especially in Houston, TX.

I was mesmerized. She (I’m assuming, for no particular reason) was so delicate. Did I imagine that she exuded tranquility? Most likely, she was resting from a long journey. White owls aren’t native to the bayou city and rarely visit.

Seeing a white owl symbolizes positive energy, growth, and wisdom. I felt privileged to watch her for those few moments. I wished I could watch her forever. I reached for my cell phone. She turned her head — 180 degrees — and caught me trying to capture her image. She flew off, and my time with her ended.

I wish I had just enjoyed the moment.



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