A few months ago, I was reading to my then two-year-old nephew and realized how outdated many of his books were. I started searching on Amazon for children’s books that were more “current” for kids born in 2019 and while browsing the infinite selection…. I felt a sudden spark of inspiration.

Why don’t I write, illustrate, and publish a book?

Not that it seemed easy, but that it was something I would love to learn and pursue in life.

This was back in September of 2019 and even though I consider myself a self-starter, I had no idea how overwhelming this challenge would be. Between the lack of knowledge and constant self-criticism, I hit some rough spots. But after many months, drafts, and dozens of horrible illustrations — I decided to do “a kid test” and see if my efforts were worth it at all. …

How I feel today quantifying time after A Little Detour:

The year literally felt like a month
A week felt like a day
A day (I have to think really really hard about it….) is a single moment and often the rest of that day is a blank.

Since returning to Canada, it’s been a little weird.

It was a strange feeling to have the selection of more than three t-shirts to wear (I’m sure I looked like a weirdo in the same outfit every day…👚), or the harsh reality that hitting my step-count effortlessly is a real challenge in the middle of a Canadian winter 🏃‍♀️ vs. …

June 1, 2018

Indonesia has been filled with so many special moments that I have wanted to share… but the wifi here has been a piece of work (meaning it sucks and I hate it!).

To avoid me being super frustrated trying to publish multiple posts... I made one to sum up three awesome things that happened to us while we’ve been here 😀

The Netflix Friend

Before we left on our little detour trip, I was already a fan of the Netflix documentary called Departures. …


Maeghan Smulders

Hi! 🙋 I'm a tall, homeschooled, well traveled, terrible speller, who loves ice cream, building things and can be hilarious at times 👉 www.maeghansmulders.com

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