An Unexpected Confession.

It’s been three years.

You told me that you liked me. I was shocked. I did not know that there’s people like me for being me and we both definitely were not close enough to induce having this thought.

I remembered it just like yesterday.

It was at a beach on a dark night. Peace and quiet. All of us were sitting on the floor. We played some games and they lead to sharing our secrets to each other with the accompany of beers and snacks of course.

Some of them spoke about feelings and asked some relationship doubts. Sadly, it rained later. We quickly wrapped all up and had the final round of confession.

He, the man I did not really spoke with, did the unexpected. He confessed.

‘I have feelings for you.’

My whole world just turned upside down. My eyes were widened at the fact and I did not uttered any response. He was sitting far away from me. I was speechless and shocked. Questions just popping out from my mind.

Why me? Is he making a mistake? Did he mistaken me for somebody else? No, it was not. He double confirmed it by pointing me.

Gasps and surprises were spawned from everyone on that night. Whispers, murmurs, and of course questions were formed in a long queue waiting to be solved and answered.

Now, I am not living a day without thinking him and all the possibilities as,

You kinda are my type too.

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