In this marketing teardown we look at a SaaS: Aplos — a simple, online fund accounting software for churches and nonprofits.


Here you will discover

  • Aplos has great landing page copy, and clear instructions for resellers.
  • Perfectly executed content marketing.


We are in no way affiliated with the company. All information we gathered are freely available on the web and accessible for anyone. This is solely for educational purpose. We don’t make money as an affiliate with the analysed company. Questions: email us at

What is Aplos?

  • Market leader in the US
  • 14 people running the company

Target customer

  • Any organization who files nonprofit taxes in the US

Secret Sauce

  • In business for a long time (since 2009), with a founder who is accountant himself
  • Competitive pricing and extensive feature set.
  • Free resources for nonprofit starters to learn the basics
  • Free support!

Overview: Marketing Channels

What is the one that’s working?

Aplos has PR, SEO, content marketing, business development, and affiliate programs working pretty well for them.

Website Conversion

Great landing page structure

They have a beautiful landing page that highlight their product’s benefits and selling points.

… and copy

The copy clearly states the benefits customer will get by using Aplos.

Social Media

Facebook Statistics

They started pretty low but the engagement is picking up since they started publishing contents.

Social media managed via Hootsuite

Their social media is mainly managed via Hootsuite.


Complete press room

You can access Aplos’ news room here. It includes press releases, Aplos in the news and contact information.

Missing is a press kit

The only thing that’s missing is their press kit.

Content Marketing


Aplos is offering webinars for their current and potential customers. However, you can’t register to past webinars but the recording are available on their YouTube channel.


You can learn about nonprofit management and accounting skills for free on Aplos’ academy.

Facebook Videos

Aplos’ advertising video got 4k views on Facebook.


This particular Apple parody video by Aplos got a lot of views. Video contentis rapidly becoming — if it hasn’t already become — a critical component of effective marketing.

Informative YouTube Videos

Aplos has tons of useful resources on YouTube which can be more visible by switching up keywords.

Blog abandoned

See the blog here.

Stories section


Aplos publish great contents but, they have little shares — maybe they’re low in traffic?

Marketing Ideas

Structure of the content

  • The stories section is too buried in the navigation.
  • Make it more prominent (and A/B test it, of course)

Better syndication

  • Every content can to go on social media automatically, posted every months once.
  • Send content out to people who are interested in the topic, also to influencers.
  • Put all videos on YouTube. Name them better: [Keywords] Aplos Academy/Story.

Guest blogging

  • The stories contain insights that can be reused
  • Write guest blog posts about the people in the stories and what the learned.
  • Try to get guest blog post opportunities in relevant industry blogs.

Round-up posts

  • Ask experts and successful nonprofit founders what the biggest revelations in their finances were
  • Post it up in a post on the Aplos blog
  • Have it shared by the experts

Better activation emails

This is an addition after the video. I got these emails 5 times in a row — and they are always the same. Better would be to write about different use cases, what customers have achieved… or just ask why I haven’t activated yet.

Test out Aplos

  • If you are an US-based non-profit, you should check it out
  • 15 day free trial
  • Reseller and affiliate programs available

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