In this marketing teardown we look at — a Cloud based solution designed to improve customer care. Features include dashboards, conversation history, and multi-browser support.


Here You Will Discover

  1. Chatra offers an own affiliate program with lifetime payouts.


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What is Chatra?

The story of Chatra is a live chat messenger app founded by Yakov Karda along with Slava Olesik and Art Polikarpoff.

Target Customer

  • Any form of online business with personal support

Secret sauce

  • Great pricing for starters (less than 6 agents = free)

What are people saying?

  • Many Russian customers (read the Getwear story)

Overview: Marketing Channels

What is the one that’s working?

We had a look at’s marketing channels, here’s what’s working and not working for them.

Website Conversion

Perfect signup process makes the signup process very easy. Once you signup with your email, it will take you right away to your dashboard.

No-risk trial and free forever

If you have less than 5 agents, you can use it for free — forever!

No-risk provider switch

They make switching to their service very attractive because of their offer. will basically give you free subscription for the contract you’ve paid for your current service provider if you’re not happy with them.

Help pages

They have beautiful help pages that contains everything you need to know from installation guide to analytics.

Tackling a crowded market

Their comparison page is on point. They showcase their features and what makes them different from other competitors.

Social Media

They decided not to use social media. Great is: there aren’t even empty profiles. That’s consistent!

Content Marketing

Not blogging often means an empty blog. Chatra is consistent: they don’t have one!

Email Marketing

Activation email

Their activation email is very personalized and makes sense. Personalized emails improve clickthrough rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Affiliate Marketing

The deal

  • 35% commission on everyone you invite (details)

Partner offer

See’s affiliate program here.

Inside the partner program

Here’s a look at their custom affiliate partner program.

Existing Platforms

Shopify App


The CEO on a podcast

Their CEO Yakov Karda has a podcast tellling his story and how they started.

The Getwear story

  • Read about the Getwear failure

Marketing Ideas


  • This could be hardest: a lot of competition


  • The founder has a compelling story

Write a blog

  • There is a lot to learn in the conversion optimization corner

Try the niche blogger strategy and write guest blog posts like “the 10 best tools to improve trust in your website” and such.

Test out Chatra

  • You can’t go wrong with this

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