ElectricityBilling Marketing Teardown

In this marketing teardown we look at a SaaS: ElectricityBilling. They provide ultimate self help tools which enable the customer to self manage their services. Be it move in and move out in an embedded environment with electricity, gas and water, or the self management of voice mail on a mobile service.


Here you will discover

  • ElectricityBilling is a huge company with years in business.
  • They grow without needing a good website, SEO, or even PR.


We are in no way affiliated with the company. All information we gathered are freely available on the web and accessible for anyone. This is solely for educational purpose. We don’t make money as an affiliate with the analysed company. Questions: email us at info@maerketing.com

What is ElectricityBilling

About ElectricityBilling.com

  • Company behind is Utilibill, from Australia
  • Offices in multiple global locations, development on the Philippines
  • In business since 2009 (or longer)

Target Customer

  • Energy companies (Gas, water, electricity) who want to do cloud-based billing. It costs from 1 USD per customer.

What makes them special?

ElectricityBilling has a great user interface, and a competitive pricing. It has not been done in that form before.

Overview: Marketing Channels

What is the one that’s working?

We had a look at ElectricityBilling’s various marketing channels, their content marketing, business development, sales, affiliate programs and trade shows are working well for them.

Website Conversion

Good website

ElectricityBilling has a great and neat website with call-to-action.

Company name, product name…

Their old website, Utilibill still exist and it might be a cause of confusion for some people.

A broken support system and forum

Their support system lacks information and their forum is almost non-existent. The support page for registration also has a bug.

Social Media

Here’s an overview of ElectricityBilling’s social media profiles.

Other Social Media

Their social media are not maintained and lacks useful content. Basically, their social media are not utilized.


Nothing Here

  • No downloadable press kit, no press room
  • Just few articles about customers adopting ElectricityBilling


Searching for Utilibill

Utilibill or ElectricityBilling’s SEO is underused.

Content Marketing


The YouTube Channel is underused… however, see this:

Blog is not SEO ready

The blog posts are not formatted well, some url are not optimized and some pages have bugs. They can really step up and polish their blog.

And lacks strategy

Some contents are really not that relevant to their product and their customers.

Marketing Ideas

Case studies

  • Document customers’ experiences in case studies on the website.
  • Ask for concrete example of how much ElectricityBilling has helped them reduce the influx of the call centers at the end of the month (or other success metrics)

White papers

  • Use the case studies and compile them into a downloadable document (PDF)
  • Give away the download after asking for an email address
  • Contents:
  • How fast the adoption of the software was for existing customers
  • Reasons to join / not to join
  • How to go around pitfalls
  • Alternatives to a software approach (how long can a Utility not buy a software until they run into problems)?

Get SEO right

  • Redo the technology of the blog (fix URLs and formatting)
  • Start publishing 1 article per month about problems Utilities have.
  • Idea: also write for the end customer. Give them some infos and guides (although he will have no choice if their Utility adapts the software).
  • Start building backlinks: ask customers to link to them, give interviews, write guest blog posts for new technology blogs
  • Submit to all software lists, like capterra, getapp etc.

Do some PR

  • Connect to journalists writing about energy efficiency, clean tech, etc.
  • Try to give them insights into the real world of energy and what can be done to help make the world a better place
  • Add a press section with a downloadable press kit on the website