Inflectra — The Complete Software Suite for Development Teams

In this marketing teardown we look at Inflectra — a powerful software testing tools and project management software for automated project management, quality assurance, and test management.



SaaS Marketing Teardown from Maerketing

Here You Will Discover

  • Inflectra is a huge software suite aimed at developers.
  • They don’t need to, but still have a strong content presence.


We are in no way affiliated with the company. All information we gathered are freely available on the web and accessible for anyone. This is solely for educational purpose. We don’t make money as an affiliate with the analysed company. Questions: email us at

What is Inflectra?

What Inflectra is offering

  • Essential tools for developers
  • Software Testing Tools & Project Management for DEV / for TEST / for SUPPORT.

The secret sauce = self-hosting?

Inflectra offers affordable plans and self-hosting which can be very attractive for companies who really value their data.

Target Customer

“… our customers — large corporations, small businesses, professional services firms, government agencies and individual developers “

What are people saying?

Inflectra has great customer feedback from getapp but they can get more customers to give them ratings/feedback.

Overview: Marketing Channels

We took a look at Inflectra’s various marketing channels and here’s what we found out:

What is the one that’s working?

We listed various channels and checked which one is working and which is not.

Website Conversion

Landing Page

Here’s the landing page of Inflectra.

Product Comparison Chart

Inflectra provided a product comparison chart which can help customers decide which service to choose.

Site Structure

Overall great site with a lot of content and internal links.

Social Media

Inflectra regularly post contents on their social media profiles but lacks promotion and marketing. They can expand their reach to more potential customers by utilizing their social media.


Same problem many have: too much creation, and no promotion.

Twitter: responding…

Inflectra regulary responds to tweets and also retweets.

… but not marketing

But they lack strategy on how they can expand their customer base and grow their followers.


The same with their LinkedIn — they post regularly but doesn’t have a lot of followers.


Press release

  • Everything is nicely organized in a press release section.
  • Who is actually using these press releases? (Maybe I am missing it. If you see evidence of active PR work, let me know!)

Blogs writing about Inflectra

Posts like Scrum Project Management Tools for Your Agile Team on software advice show that the threshold is already passed: people write about Inflectra. (Could they leverage that and encourage writing about them?)

Content Marketing

Great blog quality

The blog is regularly updated and the contents are really helpful.

White papers

Inflectra have sufficient white papers for potential and current customers.

Videos + Presentations

They can attract more viewers by providing better titles on their videos. Overall great site with a lot of content and internal links.

Marketing Ideas

It’s 99% complete already

  • Inflectra is a huge software suite with thousands of clients
  • My gut feeling is they pull most leads through the partner programs (business development)
  • Why improve anything online? If polish details, go for
  • Social media automation
  • Better content syndication
  • Fix smaller issues (white paper with email option)

For fine tuning

  • Increase social media followers and create an automated content syndication strategy.
  • Test the guest blogger strategy: write helpful project management posts and offer them as guest posts.

Test out Inflectra

  • All products have a trial and a money-back guarantee.
  • If you use JIRA and are unhappy with it, Inflectra might be a better option. More marketing analyses! (why not your product?)

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