SellBeing, the Smart eCommerce Platform

In this marketing teardown we look at SaaS SellBeing — a cloud-based eСommerce platform that makes it easier than ever before to create and manage online stores.


SellBeing SaaS Marketing Teardown from Maerketing

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What is SellBeing?

SellBeing is the cheapest ecommerce platform provider. It offers everything one needs to run a successful eCommerce site, including customizable product options, product catalogue, flexible shipping and tax rules, payment methods, a responsive checkout page, beautiful and easily adjustable themes and many more.

It is composed of a a small team located in Reno, Nevada.

Target Customer

Traction Channels

What is the one that’s working?

We list down various marketing channels for SellBeing but, we cannot pinpoint which channel works the best. Some channels are even outdated or non-existent.

Social Media

We analyzed SellBeing’s various social media and here’s what we found out.

Facebook + Twitter

SellBeing’s Facebook and Twitter are not being properly utilized . They publish content and put it on social media but their Twitter and Facebook has little followers which defeats the purpose of reaching out through their social media.

Other social media?

My assumption here is that many (future) store owners are female. Women, who want to sell items online and want to start with little overhead.

Where would one find women?
Pinterest and Instagram — women are more likely to use these two platforms. Why is SellBeing not on there?

Website Conversion

Great Landing Page

SellBeing has a neat and attractive landing page which is very important to generate potential leads.

Great Graphics

Overall, SellBeing has great graphics. They also used a character in which their brand can be identified.


Where are the PR efforts?


9k Referring pages

They have a large amount of referring pages (which is till growing over time) but, it also unclear where it comes from or refers to.

Content Marketing

Blog content

They have a full blog with beautiful content which is good however, they can further improve their content by providing solutions to their customer’s problems.


SellBeing’s blog posts basically lacks engagement, they have little or zero comments on their posts.

Help Center

They have a well documented help center which contains video tutorials accompanied written content and graphics.

Email Marketing

Current status


Review Sites

They’re running a few sponsored ads but not on big site which they can potentially reach to more people.

Marketing Ideas

General approach

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