Smoolis SaaS Marketing Teardown

In this marketing teardown we look at SaaS: Smoolis — a simple, multilingual ecommerce store creator for everyone who wants to build a professional online store within a few clicks.


Here you will discover

  • Smoolis implements best practice for a press room.
  • The product tries to own a niche in a competitive market.


We are in no way affiliated with the company. All information we gathered are freely available on the web and accessible for anyone. This is solely for educational purpose. We don’t make money as an affiliate with the analysed company. Questions: email us at

What is Smoolis?

Value Proposition

  • Build your own online store and start selling right away
  • Fix price per month, no matter the revenue
  • Price increases with language use and products


They are composed of a sweet, small team in Switzerland.

Target Customers

  • Online shop beginners
  • … who want multilingual support (and yes, people are happy)

Overview: Marketing Channels

What is the one that’s working?

Out of the various marketing channels Smoolis has their PR, SEO and sales are doing pretty good.

Website Conversion

Smoolis has a simple yet very attractive landing page that follows best practices.

Pagespeed Insights

They have a good landing page, but when it comes to the page speed, they don’t really perform well. Also, the actual pages generated for their customers are much worse.

Open Roadmap

Smoolis has on open roadmap on Trello which is really interesting. People can have an idea of what’s going on and what they’re working on.

Social Media

They have a lot of social media but you’ll also notice that they’re not maintained.


Smoolis should probably scrap some of their social media if they can’t manage it and just focus on a few that they can maintain.


Smoolis publish studies of their client on their Facebook page which is a great way to market and showcase their service.


They have little followers on Twitter.

Responding to requests

For every requests the company receive on Twitter, they direct it to their support address to keep up and monitor all the request.

What’s happening on twitter

A simple twitter search reveals people talking about them.


Press Kit

Download a full kit from a dedicated press section.

List of press articles

Very handy to see the credibility of the company.


The founders’ stories are described on the site. People love to connect to the founding story!

Content Marketing

Support system

A proprietary system located at

FAQ Section

All needs and questions of the customer (or future customer) are also addressed here.

Some blog titles

Here are some of the contents available on the company’s blog.


Here’s an overview of Smoolis’ engagement on social media.

Marketing Ideas

Direct sales

  1. Find ecommerce stores that have broken (or no) multilanguage support
  2. List what could be better
  3. Pitch them a concierge service to bring them over to Smoolis

Go full on niche blogger strategy

  • Get 2 great posts / month on the own blog
  • Write 2–4 guest blog posts on reputable eCommerce blogs
  • How to enter them: promise insights from 1000 early customers.
  • What payment options are relevant in the EU
  • Lessons from conversion experiments with responsive ecommerce store templates
  • The best product picture for [industry]


  1. Optimize for “online store multilingual”
  2. Investigate the optimization possible in different language variations
  3. Build links (that ties into the content marketing)

Test Smoolis!

Start your 14-day free trial on Smoolis.

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