IKEA Pets Tunes — Music for Cats and Dogs.

We know that animals cannot perceive rhythm or beats.

Scientific researches show us that apart from one or another animal (like a specific Kakatua and one Chimpanzee alone), animals only hear the frequencies of Music.

There’s even a Netflix documentary explaining more about it, and you should check.

So, a team os researchers studied animal behaviour and discovered that cats and dogs get calmer when music contains some specific harmonics.

In the case of dogs, they are the frequencies around 40Hz and its harmonics (80Hz, 120Hz, 160Hz).

In the case of cats, all frequencies above 7.500Hz (especially some frequencies around 22.000Hz which the human ears cannot listen to) function well.

And, also, Harp sounds are most effective, with the Piano coming in second place.

With that in mind, IKEA requested Ogilvy Social.Lab Belgium, which asked Lucha Libre Audio Berlin to develop a specific playlist for Pet owners.

They could play them while they’re away from home so that cats and dogs don’t destroy their couches, armchairs and so on.

And here they are, songs played in Harp with the particular frequencies enhanced for both cats and dogs to listen and calm down during the day:

8 Hours of Music for dogs

8 Hours of Music for Cats

At first, these songs will sound strange for human ears. But the aim here is for your cat or dog to listen to them, so relax and hit the Play button.

These will make them calmer!



Resident VR/Spatial Audio Specialist for Lucha Libre Audio at Riverside Studios — Berlin, Germany.

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