5 Reasons why having your phone stolen is a blessing in disguise…

  1. You are reminded how generous your best friends are

My friends understand how unfortunate it can be to not have a phone during my time of need. So when I ask, “Hey can I use your phone to call my Mom?” they will give me the 10 minutes to vent to my mom about how empty my fridge is. They also offer to let me log into their snapchat and instagram so I can be aware of all the snapchat stories I was featured in. TYSM JAM. Your kindness is appreciated.

2. You actually go to bed at a decent hour.

Instead of saying I’m going to bed at 11 and then staying up another 2 hours on my phone, I actually go to bed at 11 guys! No phone — no sleeping problems. I actually considered reading a book one night, but then I realized books are for nerds and unless the book is this…

I’m absolutely not interested in your book referral.

3. You get to use a first generation iPod touch!!!!!

Here you go! Your brand new state of the art iPod touch - featuring an inability to download any apps, a 46-minute battery life, and iMessaging only if you’re on wifi. Sick!!!!

But actually, #thankful for music. My day is 10x worse if I don’t listen to music during the day. I need to feel like Kanye on my way to and from class everyday. Shoutout to DJ KKing for unselfishly gracing me with her glorious iPod touch in my time of despair. Kisses.

4. You realize how much time you waste.

Liking Insta pics, watching DJ Khalid’s snap stories, reading blogs about who the Bachelor ends up with…literal waste of precious time. I realized there is so much time in one day, and why would I waste it trying to find the key to success through a snap chat story?? I think I am way more likely finding the key through my own endeavors, on my own time, in my own way. Thanks anyways, DJ Khalid.

5. You learn how to not hate the thief who stole your phone.

After dramatically crying about the terrible incident, the only real advice that calmed me down was from none other than the real MVP, Momma McGovern. She told me to pray for the man that stole my phone. So yes, I went from having a burning desire to strangle the man that stole my phone, to asking God to bless the man in some way. I’m sure he’s feeling wayyy blessed with that profit he made off my iphone 6.

We live in a society that is driven by innovation and creating the next big thing. While I feel lucky to live in such an advanced culture, getting too caught up in it will sometimes cause us to forget the precious parts of life that we would otherwise not realize if we didn’t take a step back to reflect on what it feels like to be disconnected. I value my phone very much, but now that I have had a short time without it, I will definitely make an effort to not waste as much time on my phone, and utilize my time in more efficient ways.