Things parents need to know if their child is obese:

I am writing this post about an issue very dear to me, which is obesity. But I am focusing closely on targeting parents who don’t even realize their children are obese. So I am here to give those tips on how to notice they are becoming obese and what actions to take once you are informed. Here is a personal story to show that you are not alone and shouldn’t feel horrible that you didn’t notice your child’s health problem, because you’re not alone. So my Aunt Carolyn has five kids, so it is hard to keep track of everyone, every day, and know what each one is eating. And all her kids aren’t overweight but not skinny by all means. She never really realized her son Tommy was becoming obese. She quoted, “I would pack him a healthy meal for lunch, but wouldn’t know he would sneak my cheat snacks, like cookies and brownies, every day, into his lunch bag. And that really took a tole on him.” He started doing poorly in his classes when his mom started to notice he wasn’t himself. Then he was having trouble breathing doing simple tasks, like walking up and down the stairs. She then knew there was a problem and he got diagnosed with obesity at the doctor. So in her case, she caught his health issue on time but it could’ve been too late. So, signs to notice your child may be obese is that first, the fat on them isn’t baby fat even though they are still young. Second, they also may lose a lot of energy and you will know that isn’t normal because they are a kid! Kids are supposed to be firecrackers of energy almost 24 hours of the day. Being great parents that you all are and how much you care for your kids, when you see your kids are struggling, take immediate steps to help them change. So to not just call out the one person in your family overweight, make the whole family change their eating patterns all together so the whole family can encourage the kid struggling with obesity and have it be a collaborative effort for everyone to be healthy, supporting each other! Also, you as a mother or father should be very communicative with your child. This will help them know that they aren’t alone in what their struggling with and you will be with them the whole way while they change into better eating and healthy habits. Exercise with your children too. They will feel a sense of encouragement from you and then will learn to eventually do it on their own! Just think about the future of your kid and you don’t want them to have a short life, obviously! So take these steps as a parent and they will be down the right path in the blink of your eye! (, 2017)