Difference Between Vintage Engagement Rings And Modern Rings

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3 min readDec 14, 2017


Are you trying to decide between a vintage or modern engagement ring? If you are selecting between the two rings, then there is a lot to consider. There are several differences between the two kinds of rings.

The vintage engagement rings do have a different look and feel than modern rings in terms of the metals used, diamond cuts and the center stones. There are 5 differences between both the types of rings.

Diamond Cut

One of the biggest differences between vintage diamonds and modern diamonds is how they are cut. The cut of a diamond refers to how the facets and angles of a diamond work together to reflect light. The brightness, sparkle, and beauty of a diamond also play an important role in a diamond’s cut.

Vintage diamonds are cut deeper and appear smaller than modern diamonds with the same carat weight. Vintage stones are cut in such a way that they sparkle even in the dark. The sparkle of vintage diamonds is of a different type that feels slightly warm. Some of the important cuts are the old European cuts and antique cushion cuts.

The modern diamonds on the other hand, feature cuts like princess and round brilliant. These diamonds are cut in a way that increases their light return as much as possible.

Color Grade

A color of a perfect modern diamond is graded based on D, E or F. The GIA considers this diamond to be a colorless stone. Vintage diamonds, on the other hand, rarely have color grades that range from D to H. As there were a few diamond mines years ago, it was difficult to find colorless diamonds.

Diamonds VS Other Kinds Of Gemstones

It is common to look for colored gemstones in vintage engagement rings, like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Most modern engagement rings have white diamonds as their center stones.

Types of Metals

It is pretty common to find yellow gold as the metal type for vintage engagement rings. With yellow gold, the other metals for these rings are platinum and rose gold.

Modern engagement rings have different choices of metals used in the ring’s band. White gold is one of the options for several engagement rings. Silver is one of the metals that most brides prefer because of its neutral tones. It is a color that easily fits into any modern wardrobe.


Vintage engagement rings have a lot more ornate designs and are likely to be handcrafted. The most common handcrafted designs found on a vintage ring is filigree detailing. Modern rings are sleeker and are mass produced.

These are some of the differences between modern and vintage engagement rings. If you still want to know more about vintage engagement rings, visit Maevona or call +1–212–557–7300.