Grad School search for the vague and confused

While reading this piece in the NYTimes this morning, I had an epiphany. Did these folks, the ones that are running an “ergo-skeleton” start-up in Brooklyn, did they go to grad school? And if they did, what the heck did they study?

I’ve been working in advertising for all my adult life and now people tell me I should be thinking of going back to school. “You gotta specialize,” they say. “Gotta keep your competitive edge, y’a know?” They tell me.

However, if you live in the intersections I live in, grad school search is the biggest pain in the *ass*.

My ideal program would be a mix between these 3 things:

Now, most Behavior Science programs focus on Health or Psychology. Most Tech programs, well, those require a technical background that I don’t have.

And traditional Business School looks nothing like me (the thought of going to school in a suit makes me cringe). And it’s also expensive. (Me and my girlfriend did the math and an Executive MBA at a school like Columbia costs a total of $198k. That means that for 2 years, every Saturday you’ll have to casually drop ~USD$2000 to an Ivy League.)

Thank you, but no, thank you.

Here’s the deal: There’s some sort of academic career path that led a person to be working in the “behavior science/business” side of building “ergo-skeletons” in Brooklyn.

If you’re out there and know what career path that is or have some advice for people in search of unicorns, I’d love to buy you a beer.