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From the ideation of Mafia.Network, The Family has aimed to build a project empire in which its loyal family members were rewarded. Additionally a project that’s success and profitability is driven by its members. This starts with a DAO governance. This has already been in development and a recent shift in our investment strategy to focus on Yield Farming Protocols has caused us to push this secret project to the forefront faster than anticipated.

Thus, I am proud to present MPOINTS.


In all Family related businesses, we deal in points. “Points” are essentially interest rates or lending rates that get paid back to The Family from Businesses under our protection. …

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If you were unable to catch the hints given in yesterday’s article, this one should be clear for all of you.

Changes to the Family Vault

The family and its advisors have done extensive research and came to several conclusions. Through various discussions reports, The Family has shifted its current investment strategy, as alluded to yesterday.

Therefore, our team, our researchers, our advisors as well as myself have all agreed that Family Vault Investments will now be taken in dynamic yield farming protocols.

This generates immense opportunity and opportunity that sees more frequent returns.

Why no more Presale Investing?

Markets move in waves and currently there are two known facts were established in our…

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Token Launch and Listing

The MAFI token launch went seamlessly and The Family was able to garner the attention of some very notable groups and individuals across the Crypto Space.

While we have kept much of our project development and marketing plans in idle while we focus on inward development and planning, this was indeed a natural draw to what the Family is building here.

Notable Milestones

  • Token Burn: 280,000 MAFI
  • Tokens Rewarded to Top 100 MAFI Holders: 280,000 MAFI
  • We have been listed on CoinGecko
  • Etherscan Pages have been updated
  • We have applied to additional Uniswap Lists
  • Pending partnerships with several international crypto…

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