Habiba’s Journey to Self-Sufficiency

There are many vulnerable girls in northern Nigeria and MAFITA hopes to empower them. MAFITA offered 981 girls in Kano State the opportunity to acquire foundational skills and specialise in 13 market-friendly trade areas that include Leather Work, Garment Making, and Rice Processing.

Habiba Hussain Aliyu, a MAFITA beneficiary from Tarauni local government area in Kano State, speaks for herself on the impact MAFITA has had in her life.

I wish I had a father to talk to and get help from but my mother was the only person I had in my life, as my father died when I was still young. That all changed when I was enrolled in MAFITA’s Apprenticeship program, where I met nice people who are always bent on helping me become a better person.

I always wanted to learn a skill and enroll in a trade that will help me solve my financial problems and most importantly, give me the opportunity to help and support my mother.

Before MAFITA, I tried my best to stay afloat and avoid trouble. I did a lot of menial jobs to make ends-meet. I knew how to scrub floors on my knees and how to wash clothes for a fee.

My mother is not strong enough to take care of me, because she is not healthy and I paid dearly for that. A boy whom my surviving family knew very well, hiding under the cover of providing financial support, took advantage of me and it still pains me.

I was constantly thinking of excuses to explain why I appear so depressed at a very young age, as if people around me didn’t already know.

I have been trying to figure out a way out of it for as long as I can remember until MAFITA rescued me.

I am now on course to mastering the art of leather work and I am optimistic that, with the way I am getting the support I need now, I can see myself starting my own business and even employing other girls soon.

It has been a very painful journey for me (as an orphan), but destiny brought the light of MAFITA to me, and I am very grateful for that.

I now realise that I have so much life yet to live, many thanks to MAFITA!