Promoting peaceful coexistence through targeted skilling and job creation

Abubakar Usman

Mafita hopes to foster peaceful coexistence, economic growth and prosperity through the targeted skilling of 68,000 marginalised youths.

To this end, Mafita is currently equipping more than 3,000 marginalised youths including persons with disabilities, orphans and vulnerable children and victims of violent conflicts with marketable and enterprising skills in its pilot years alone.

Abubakar Sabo, a promising youth, who was affected by the intermittent sectarian crises that once had a terrible impact on Kaduna State, is cherishing his renewed hope for the future.

Abubakar is currently receiving expert training from a Mafita-supported Community Skills Development Center to become a mason and has this to say, “Mafita brought back sanity and is silently promoting unity and communal living amongst us through its supported COSDECs. The fact that we are today sitting in the same classroom and using the same workshops to learn together even with our different backgrounds, ethnicities and gender goes a long way to provide evidence of Mafita’s healing role.”

Abubakar was quick to add that, “I used to be a loner before, but I made useful friends now within and outside Mando COSDEC”.

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