A growing number of species are becoming endangered and going extinct as a direct result of human activity. According to the WWF there has been a shocking 60% decline in the populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians in the past 40 years. Protecting the species that remain is a daunting challenge for governments and NGOs. However, machine learning may be able to help. Increasingly conservation groups and scientists are using computer vision based AI models as a force multiplier, allowing them to observe and intervene to defend species on the brink.

The idea behind artificial intelligence isn’t new by any means. We’ve seen it in popular culture, search engines have been using it for more than a decade, and the algorithms powering modern software heavily leverage AI and automation.The security industry is one industry that is feeling the effects of AI, from cryptographic algorithms that create strong passwords to data annotation processes that clarify security footage. AI isn’t just a big idea or a nice-to-have — today it’s a must-have.In this article, we are going to explore the relationship between data annotation and the security industry.

The Traditional Approach to Security: Video Footage

If you are a…

Image and video annotation for wharehouse applications | Keymakr

Warehouses have been at the forefront of technology for the entirety of the post-industrial revolutionary world. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motors, famously implemented the assembly line to increase vehicle manufacturing capacity. Instead of having workers assembly each part of a car themselves, they only assembled one part.

With enough workers, he was able to increase productivity and became a household name. Ford was not the first person to start a car company, but he is one of the most famous for this reason.

Data annotations and AI is no different. You can add data annotation to still images…

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are becoming more and more complex and versatile every year, doing what humans can do more efficiently at a lower cost with fewer errors.

There’s a vast potential for these technologies to improve our everyday lives. Current trends in AI help users online find the content they need faster and streamline everyday activities like shopping and driving.

Healthcare is one of the fields that will see immense progress thanks to artificial intelligence. These are just a few of the ways it will revolutionize how we deal with patient care and health research.

How AI Assists With Everyday Health

Technology is making…

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we approach many industries like healthcare, advertising, shopping, and manufacturing. It’s a great tool to cut down on repetitive tasks and automate processes through smart algorithms.

One new application of AI is the ability to search for plastic waste in Earth’s oceans using drones, cameras, and algorithms. In fact, developing ways to preserve the environment is a major focus of new artificial intelligence applications.

The Issue of Plastic Waste in Our Oceans

The use of plastic in consumer goods has been an issue since the 1950s and has accelerated since the 80s. …

Technology is becoming an essential part of everyday life. Even established sectors like the construction industry are looking for new ways to integrate the latest technology trends.


Now, the idea of tech-savvy construction companies may seem strange. After all, we usually picture construction as a heavy industry that relies on large equipment and manual labor, but some of the biggest names in the industry are starting to leverage computer vision and aerial image annotation to track project progress.

Find out how leading construction companies are using drones to improve decision making when it comes to key projects.

Running a casino is a stressful business, even when everything goes right for you. Beyond the obvious issues of running a business that physically spans whole city blocks, is heavily regulated, employs thousands of people, and caters to tens of thousands more at every hour of the day and night, owners also have to deal with card counters.

While card counting is not illegal, since it is just a combination of mathematics, probability, and slight amounts of luck, it is discouraged. Practically all card counters, when caught, are either banned from playing specific card games or banned from the casino…

Automotive Cabin Safety Through AI Analysis: The Basics and More

The implementation of artificial intelligence into motor vehicles goes beyond the self-driving car that you’ve seen in the news recently. Companies have found ways to use machine learning to improve the assembly line construction of motor vehicles.

In cabin skeleton annotation by Keymakr

Another application we’ll see of AI technologies is vehicular safety, coming in the form of automatic braking, assisted parking, and keeping the driver within the lane. But the use case that’s seen exceptional progress in recent years is the artificial intelligence that can monitor the interior cabin of the vehicle.

These technologies monitor the driver and passengers using infrared cameras and specialized software…

Data augmentation, deep learning, and AI are changing the way we see the world. From robust facial recognition software to self-driving cars to a data-driven, multi-faceted response in the face of a global pandemic.

Here’s how automating data augmentation has allowed data scientists and medical researchers to join forces against COVID-19.

AI in the Time of Coronavirus: How Machine Learning Data Augmentation Can Help

From text data augmentation to predictive analytics, AI’s response to the pandemic consists of many leading data science techniques.

1. Forecasting the Spread of COVID-19


Predicting where COVID-19 will spread next allows public health officials, policymakers, and political leaders to make the most of their resources. …

The fashion business has been experimenting with virtual fitting rooms, or the use of machine vision to allow buyers to “try on” apparel and jewellery virtually. Thousands of brands and millions of customers have used the technology, and the demand is continuing to rise.

This application of augmented reality is revolutionizing the way both companies and customers approach personalized styling. It’s important for any company in this field to pay attention to further developments in machine learning and image processing.

Why Virtual Fitting Rooms?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, going to the mall to visit the changing rooms is no longer an option. Companies such as Zeekit give customers a digital alternative. Not only can you shop online, but you can also try on new clothes from the comfort of your own home.

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