Developed by Bungie and released in September, Forsaken was the first major annual expansion for Destiny 2 after the smaller add-ons Curse of Osiris last December and Warmind in May. Those previous two expansions were widely criticised by the player base due to their short length and lack of content relative to the price. While Destiny 2 did initially seem like an improvement on the first game in many ways, the endgame content was severely lacking, and many well-loved features were outright removed. …

PowerPoint is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of productivity apps which also includes Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheets, Outlook (email), OneNote (note taking) and OneDrive (cloud storage.) and it’s designed for creating and showing presentations.

I was initially going to use Soundcloud for this but discovered they had removed the ability to actually record sound using the app. Instead, I’ve chosen Garageband by Apple. It was originally a desktop-only program and an iOS version was later release. It’s a fully-featured music production suite that supports creating and editing content such as music and podcasts.

I will be using YouTube as my video app of choice. Owned by Google since 2006, it’s the most popular and well known online video sharing app. It allows anyone to create, edit and upload their own video content to their own channel for others to watch. It also lets users live stream content which is used by professional gamers streaming their playthroughs and even by major organisations like FIFA for streaming events such as the World Cup final.

You can subscribe to other user’s channels and their videos will show up in the main feed along with content from…

I’ve chosen Instagram for the image app part of the course. Instagram is a social networking app built around photo and video sharing that was first exclusively released on iOS and later on Android. Like most other social network apps, it is designed around a basic vertical scrolling timeline showing posts from followed users which can be commented on, tapped on to like and shared to other social networks. One of the main things Instagram became famous for was the various image filters you can add to photos which do simple things from simply changing it to black and white…

I have chosen the blogging platform Medium for my mobile text blog app. The site was created by one of the co-founders of Twitter and offers a way for anyone to publish content to their own blog or a larger publication. As well as its use as a personal blog, many large publications such as The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Financial Times, freeCodeCamp and use the service to publish content.

freeCodeCamp use Medium as their blog platform

The interface for creating a new post is very simple and offers a variety of formatting options such as bold, formatting, ordered and unordered lists all with toggle buttons…

I am a huge fan of the video game Destiny 2 and play it regularly in my spare time. It is an online first-person shooter with a strong emphasis on cooperative gameplay playing online with others. Two of the most appealing features I like about the game are the art and audio design which I believe are among the best in the business. I will show examples of this in various media including:

  • Images of the various designs of the characters, ships, planets and environments captured from the Playstation iOS app via the screenshot feature of the Playstation 4.
  • Audio…

Matthew Francis

I used to do art, now I do other stuff.

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