Fucked-up world

I feel like a run-on sentence in a punctuation crazy world.
I see the world around me like a mad collective dream.
An endless storm of people moving like ants in the free way,
Cell phones, pc’s, “in money we trust”
“We’ll find happiness”, the prevailing attitude.
Morality is legislated, prisons over-populated
And war is the biggest money maker of all.
Politicians and prostitutes are comfortable together,
I wonder if they talk about the weather changes.
We all build this place together, but we blame a puppet for everything that happens.
Because it doesn’t matter anymore
A billion people sitting watching their tv, they call it living it.
Do you dare to feel responsible for every cent you lay down, are you going to make the rich men richer or are you going to stand your ground?
You say you want a revolution, maybe an evolution is a part of the solution.


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