Growing up

She’s independent. At least she thinks she is.

She likes herself, but not always.

She’s sweet, at least to who deserves it. And she’s brave, so much it would surprise you.

She’s like this, but tomorrow she’ll probably change.

She used to be different.

So many mysteries that you’ll never figure out.

She gets scared for the most silly things, but she’ll show the straight of a thousand men when the world is falling apart.

She had everything to be sad, but she likes to smile. And to live.

Her smile is not any smile, it’s the smile that replaces the tears that used to drop so many times, but they don’t anymore.

She’s already lost so much, that now she won the stars.

She lost that fear she used to have and now she’s in love with herself.

She already knows that she doesn’t need much to be happy.

One afternoon looking at the skyline, the wind on her face, her friend and that eternal will to travel. To new places and to ones she already knows.

You don’t need to promise her anything.

She already knows when you won’t be able to keep it.

She knows too many people like you.

She already lived enough.

Now? Now she just want to dance. She just want to smile. She just wants to fly.

She doesn’t want to dive anymore. She already knows how dark and cold it is down there, and how hard it is to come back up by herself. No more in too deep.

Now she just wants to float, on the warm and calm water. Listen to good music and have a nice drink.

And love? Well, he’ll find her on the way. On her way.

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