Dans cet article, je vous propose de revenir sur les travaux de Design Thinking que j’ai pu effectuer lors de la conception de “Eat”, une application mobile que j’ai développé au cours du Bootcamp d’UX/UI Designer, organisé par Ironhack Paris. Ce projet s’est achevé en avril 2019, par la présentation…

Presentation of Virginia Tech

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, is known under the name of Virginia Tech.

Founded in 1872, Virginia Tech pushes the boundaries of knowledge by taking a hands-on, transdisciplinary approach to preparing students to be leaders and problem-solvers. …

Invision is a good tool to put in front wireframes and understand the sense which we want to give to all the features of every screen.

I imagine that, this tool can be very convincing during a presentation of project in front of the customers because the users can fall on a concrete use. And for the designer it helps to not forget to put forward all the possible features of an interface.

I look forward to being able to discover this tool of a way more gone deeper through a more global project.

This is my prototype : https://invis.io/Y9O0MPO53FB#/319503935_Artboard

It was my first work of reverse engineering, it was really an other aspect of the work of designer.

This exercise allowed me to visualize the functions of every screen, and to understand what it takes place before the work of design.

It asked me fewer time of application but a little more reflexion than the previous exercise!

This challenge inspired me because it’s all that I don’t know how to make and all that I wish to learn! I gave myself 2:30 hours to realize this work, in reality I had to count this timing x4 to arrive at the end !

But, now I understand the logic of this software.

In spite of the difficulties, I found this very formative, he allows to apply the lessons and to get acquainted with the software.

To begin a work on an unknown software is rather puzzling. I didn’t really know where to begin, however I’m a curious person and tried it.

I returned quickly towards the lessons and I followed videos according to what I’d to work to avoid the sensation of the blank page.

I can’t compare the use of this kind of design software because it was the first time I used one!

It seems to me complicated to have a precise expectation for what I shall wish to learn at the moment, because I have no idea of the possibilities that this software offers. Nevertheless the realization of this exercise tempted me to go farther to the exploration of this software!

You can find my work :

Context of the company

Whole Bank started operations in Framingham, a small town in Massachusetts, United States. Their goal was to offer a different way to save and manage money by giving customers innovative options such as virtual currencies.

She wants to complete her service by proposing to her customers who travel abroad and…

Ted Talk by Margaret Gould Stewart : How Giant Websites Design For You

For this first challenge, I tried to follow the order : taking sketchnote on watching and listening a conference, but I had to face that was impossible for me to do that. …

Magalie M.

UX/UI Bootcamp Student at Ironhack Paris

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