Lab Mouse

There’s a lab mouse in a large lidless box. It’s trying to get to a piece of cheese on the other side.

Then there’s a person watching the whole thing.

The person has a stick. The mouse is trying to get to the cheese. He uses the stick to jab the mouse.

The person keeps jabbing the mouse to prevent it from getting to the cheese. The mouse is persistent. But the person’s even more persistent. When the mouse stubbornly goes to the same direction, he changes his tactic and picks up the mouse to make it face the other direction. The mouse goes to that direction for a few seconds, but it turns and goes toward its original goal.

Obviously the person is irritated. The person starts kicking the mouse toward the other side. The mouse is kicked and kicked away from the destination until it’s either fainted or dead.

The person doesn’t stop though. He kicks the mouse to the place he wants it to go.