Inner drive to Support — something that drives me CRAZY!


It all started a long time ago. I was studying English philology with teaching profile. I’ve never imagined myself as a teacher. Sometimes impatient, prone to use taboo words… That doesn’t seem like a great fit, right? However, after a couple of conversations with my classmates who already kicked off with their teaching adventures, I started giving English classes myself. At the very beginning it was scary and stressful — all in all, it was a great responsibility to bear, lots of different personalities to handle… but it didn’t take long before I fell in love with it.

What changed my mind? Definitely not the long hours spend on preparing copies and exercises, not boasting about knowing sophisticated words. No. What mattered most in this endeavor was the human factor. It was a unique experience to get to know new people and create real bonds with them, seeing them smile and learn more and more after each meeting. I really missed some of them when they finally finished our classes.

Then I progressed to a new chapter in my life — hard-working and fun days meaning Customer Support at UXPin. As it turned out, it wasn’t that far away from my teaching experience! I was amazed at the number of nice and open customers, and those whose mood you can alter within your own super powers. It was all about virtual meetings now, but still about real bonds. Their smile made me smile as well, and this is what kept me going. I remember eating breakfast at home, before commuting to work and extending people’s trials to surprise them with a quick and positive reply. It was their delight that made a good start of the day.

After a year or two, our team started growing, meanwhile we also parted with a few teammates. Of course it wasn’t nice. It was awful. However, this was definitely a breakthrough which made us all stronger. We naturally took over and shared new responsibilities among ourselves, and everyone found their essential place in the team. We were united and ready to reach all tops! That was also a huge personal milestone for me.

It was the moment when I started to realize even more than before, how important is to have each other’s back. We support our customers every single day, which sometimes is not an easy job to do, so it is extremely important to feel and get support from your own team. Lots of things may change in the company, or even around you. But if you have your own people by your side — you’re safe and sound. It does good for mental health and inner satisfaction.

Polish part of our CS team: Natasza, Magda, Ola and Tomek

When I have a bad day, I don’t want to stay at home. Okay, sometimes my blanket’s magnetic powers are really hard to resist, but I prefer to be at the office and spend time with the team. Using our secret Slack channel for jokes, laughing a lot, helping each other with everyday cases or private worries, making faces during Zoom meetings, or racing on our fitballs. That cheers me up. They cheer me up.

2 girls on the left — Loomie and Basia make US part of the team

After becoming a manager, I see that the team gained a totally different level of importance for me. It was always important, but now I’m really responsible for them. And they’re all worth it. They make me get up in the early morning, stay late at night and feel the energy to change the world for (at least a bit) better. I care about them, I simply want them to grow and be happy. As someone wise once said:

“ There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ but there’s an ‘i’ in ‘Win’ ”

Without them, I wouldn’t achieve much. Together, we’re strong, well-tuned and ready for anything to come.

The story about excitement and motivation in our daily strives was inspired by Support Driven community and its writing challenge. It’s a great and unique place for all Support Professionals. Glad to be part of it!