This photo Poem
kurt gasbarra

Thank you, Kurt.

I have read some information about ACLU and about Don Rios ( Tze-ec- “One Who Dwells In Both Realms).

Idea of concetration camp should have died a long time ago. Unfortunately, it appears from time to time in different countries. We are not free from this.

The battles for good and human rights do not really end. It’s difficult because we do not like to think about it or we would like others to take care of it.

But this is still our common cause.

I feel today the burden of this responsibility and non-action.

I have a feeling that I’m disappointing.

I have to think about what I can do. Not from time to time. But constantly thinking about people whose rights are broken on a daily basis.

Thank you, Kurt. You provoke me not to think about myself. That’s good. High time.

I pray that God will show me the way.