Pretty unconventional

Unconventional is space. Space in your heart, space in your mind. Space in your craving body.

Convention tells us to be busy, to be tied up to our eyes and ears with work, obligations, more work, more obligations, they pile up so quickly that we cannot even see ourselves any longer in any mirror. Even the voice of our soul simply cannot be heard. How can it be…? There is noise and noise and even more noise…we create that…but we can also de-create that.

Yesterday I gave a lomi lomi massage to a young men. Very sensitive one. I felt the pain his body was through and all the stiff places, all places where there was no space, only memories of it.

So I did what I am learning to do best. I breath with that body. I felt it. I spoke to the muscles, I spoke to the joints. I freed the forehead from all thoughts it carried before and even throughout the massage time. I like to think that I helped to create…more space. More freedom. Just enough to take another breath. A bit deeper breath. I cried with the knees, I cried with the feet. I prayed to the wisdom of the body so that it sets everything what needs to be set…free.

Pretty unconventional. Invitation to the soul to speak. Invitation to the body to relax. In its own spaces and freedoms. We all have them. When have you last felt it?