Brain Breaks for Adults

After a long time of sitting in front of the computer working, you’ve likely experienced the feeling of your brain hitting a concentration wall where its becoming harder to focus. Your at a breaking point where your brain has worked so hard that it is on overload. In these moments, its important to identify the reality of what you are feeling and give yourself a “brain break”. Brain break is a term that is often used in the field of education. A brain break is a 3–5 minute break away from the current task at hand. Teachers know that when they have hit a wall where the students are losing focusing and are becoming easily distracted. In these moments, its time to switch gears and do some type of brain break activity.

When you are bored and your brain is overloaded, you begin to mentally check out. Even though you may still be sitting in front of the computer, in reality your work time will not be very productive when you are mentally maxed out. I think everyone has different attention spans so its important to be sensitive to your own needs. Brain breaks give your mind time to chill, recharge, and reflect.When you move around, blood can begin to flow again better throughout your body.

Here are some of my favorite brain break activity ideas:

Move around: stretch, go for a quick walk around where you are at or get your heart rate up with a run, dance to some good music.

Engage with others: talk to a friend or stranger, tell a story or, share your feelings.

Quietly reflect: close your eyes and listen to your favorite song on your device, be still and reflect

There are so many ways to have a brain break so everyone has to find what works best for them. When you give your mind that brain break, you can then return to your work with fresh inspiration, vision, passion, and focus. With that thought, I think its time I take a brain break!