Dietary preferences are irrational
Kiran Jonnalagadda

“Ask any vegan why they are vegan and the usual response is “animal cruelty”. They don’t want to participate in it. But you can’t grow plants without killing animals, whether via pesticides or tilling land. All life requires death, and often plant life requires animal death. Vegans haven’t eliminated animal cruelty. They’ve merely offloaded it to elsewhere in the food chain.”

And you ignore the part where it takes waaay more land and therefore incidental animals deaths when producing animals products because they have to be fed plants. See here: Most of the soy and corn produced nowadays goes to feeding livestock. Meat production is one of the main drives of deforestation and species extinctions: Vegans are very aware of those incidental deaths and also know that by eating the plants directly, they will reduce those numbers as much as possible. Veganism isn’t about “eliminating” animal suffering because that’s impossible. It’s about reducing as much as we can. But please, go ahead and explain why wanting to reduce suffering as much as possible is “irrational”.