Here’s to all the previously forgotten and archived portfolios that helped shape and inform our present-day version.

Looking back at my forgotten and archived portfolios throughout the years
Looking back at my forgotten and archived portfolios throughout the years

A designer’s journey is one that’s littered with many portfolios. Many of which have been reduced to a mere 404 error page, an abandoned link or another archive in the folders. Recently, while updating my portfolio, all the forgotten versions that preceded came to mind. I thought it’d be interesting to have an unabashed compilation of it all.

Even as I take inspiration from other designers’ portfolios, I am reminded that we all took a journey to arrive at our present-day version. …

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Not another article about design tools!

This is not an advice piece or a ‘how-to’ guide. This is simply a personal recount of how my entire design team shifted its system and workflow from Sketch to Figma.

The thought of shifting was conceived a year ago, but the actual shift took 2 months. We started with 2 active Figma users but eventually got all 10 designers (along with stakeholders) on board.


At Carousell, the Product Design team’s workflow was the usual Sketch-Abstract-Zeplin. Being new to the team, I went along.

But picking up Sketch-Abstract-Zeplin only highlighted the superiority of Figma in terms of efficiency and performance.

(Has it really been just 5 months?)

5 months ago, I joined Carousell as a Product Designer and was promptly assigned to the Property Team.

Ever since then, I’ve been getting plenty of questions — “What do you really do?”, “How are the other designers?”, “What’s the culture like?”

Many of these questions were from friends who were curious about what it’s like to work at the homegrown firm, which has now expanded regionally to 7 countries. …

Magdalene Huang

Product Designer @Carousell ·

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