5 Wacky Ideas That Will Make Your Coffee Shop Outstanding

Running out of ideas for your coffee shop? No sweat

The most resourceful business ideas don’t pass for smartness because they are downright weird. They are the kind that I’d recommend that you don’t suggest to your mother at first; unless she is wacky too.

If you are up to making a killer coffee shop where all the folks in your town will come queuing for coffee from sunrise to sunset, a few of silly ideas will do.

It Gets Burck-y Wacky

Wacky always wins, if you don’t believe it, the story of the Naked Cowboy is evident.

Born in 1970 in Cincinnati, USA, Robert John Burck a.k.a The Naked Cowboy‘s idea of business will amaze you. Being an actor, singer and song writer, he started his street performance in Venice Beach in Los Angeles. He made his attire the unique value proposition.

Dressed in Cowboy boots, a hat and white briefs, he placed his guitar in a way that made him look NAKED; pulling crowds around him.

Burck now performs at the Times Square in New York City after upgrading his briefs to boxer briefs under the sponsorship of Fruit of the Loom clothing company.

You may be keen to now, Burck officiates weddings at the Times Square for only $499 plus $35 for the NYC marriage certificate. He also has 13 vigorous franchisees livening public areas in the country!

Does that encourage you to put your wacky ideas into to use at your coffee shop?

Triple Your Coffee Shop Sales With These 5 Weird Ideas

Don’t let inflation or weather slow down business at your coffee shop. Investing in great coffee makers and a seasoned barrister should guarantee you the best coffee for your customers in return for huge sales.

The big problem is, every coffee shop owner does exactly that.

Though your key business is brewing and selling coffee, adding Wi-Fi to attract online workers may spice up your sales a little. You could also allow meet-ups of up to 10 people in your coffee shop. But if you want to triple or quadruple the mugs of coffee sold per day, try something eerie like:

1. Wacky Branded Coffee Cups

Many office workers prefer carrying coffee from their favorite vendors to work. Instead of serving coffee in ordinary foam cups branded with your company only, find businesses that can to partner with you in exchange for advertisement.

When branding the cups, use hilarious slogans. For instance, if you partner with a company that sells a variety of nuts, you could say,

‘It’s no secret; our COFFEE makes you go NUTS!’

Remember to include both your logo and that of your partner’s company.

2. Bottomless Coffee Day

Once a month, let the coffee takers drown a certain type of coffee for a standard fee. Inform your customers in advance so that they are ready for it. Also, do your math well to ensure a profitable day.

To increase your sales, aim to lead your clients into the temptation of asking for coffee and an accompaniment. Every table should have a framed photo of the coffee of the day and a huge slice of the available bites. Psychology will haunt them to buy both.

You could say,

‘Bottomless Expresso for $30 every last Thursday of the month. Indulge.’
Coffee shop influencers

3. Free coffee for influencers

How do you attract and retain your free influencers?

With so many millennials opting for the laptop lifestyle, you could use them to advertise your coffee shop for a free cup of coffee or two. While they sit at your shop to do their work, supply them with the best photos of your merchandise and ask them to share a certain number of tweets, Facebook and Instagram mentions with their fans.

They can schedule the posts using tools such as Buffer to make their work easier. As they are using your power and Wi-Fi, have them call the mass to your shop.

To identify the best influencers, make a habit of chatting with your customers to identify the regulars. Go further to connect with them on social media so you can see what they post. Look for those who take photos with their phones to show off your coffee. Those who engage their followers on such posts are your culprits. They deserve free coffee!

Imagine being the trending coffee shop in your town? It’s a win-win situation.

4. Partner with coffee dealers

Do your customers know where their best coffee comes from?

While you may not reach the owners of various brands, having the local dealers come to your coffee shop to dine with your customers is a great marketing tool.

Coffee enthusiasts will be glad to meet the people who bring their favorite coffee closer home. You could have an hour of Q&A between the two teams. The coffee dealers could share information about their companies before hand to enable your customers to formulate their questions.

Create the opportunity for the dealers to market themselves as they indulge in the favorite coffee. You can schedule with them when they will drop by and let your customers know.

You could also invite your other suppliers who are reputable to meet your customers. During such events, ask everyone involved if you can take photos of them as they make merry and share the photos online.

How much sales do you think you could make on such a day?

5. Coffee Bibber of the month prize

Care to reward the most frequent customer at your shop? Everyone likes some level of recognition from time to time.

Set a secret prize for the coffee bibber of the month and let your customers know that you are doing it. You could encourage the customers to pay using a method that will help you capture the necessary information to help you pick the winner.

Every few days, analyze that information and share the top 10 customers on social media. Create the atmosphere that will cause them to compete with each other. And when the month is over, announce the winner, stating the number of cups of coffee they have taken to win. With pride, award them the secret prize and seek to have their photo in your shop’s ‘Coffee Wall of Fame’.

Remember to get the participants’ consent from the start.

Making wacky ideas work for your coffee shop takes guts. You have to be intentional in the way you relate with people. If you intend to win in the game of money, don’t just sit behind the desk watching your accounts. Get up and connect with your customers and suppliers in an exciting way. People buy people. Make yourself their best choice with your wacky ideas.