It’s 2020. Starting Over.

Magdel Roets
Jan 16 · 1 min read

With a brand new year freshly out of the blocks it is wise to get going or stay behind. There is a mountain of things to do, but choose your battles carefully. It is impossible to do all there is to do all at once. List your priorities, schedule the important stuff and add the rest wherever possible.

I know all about overload and burnout. Don’t go there. It sets you back much longer than you can imagine. Catching up after a meltdown is not impossible, but don’t expect it to happen overnight. You will first crawl before you run back into action. I’m just done crawling. I’m beginning to straighten up and walk at an ever increasing pace. Mercy upon mercy.

I have one problem. I have’nt decided which avenues to follow, which battles to fight, but one thing is clear. The goal remains the same. Success in writing and successfully marketing my books. I’d also like to succeed at publishing on the internet.

It is a year full of challenges and I will tackle each one calmly and well planned. And if something doesn’t work, don’t bite your nails, chuck it and try something else. Don’t fret if life thows obstacles in your way. If you can’t bypass them, kick them to pieces and go on. So, watch out, 2020, here we come. By grace we’ll make it through to 31st December and far beyond.

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