I Miss my Courage — Poem

Flickr . Sandee Pachetan

I miss the times when green was young

I miss all the memories I forgot

I miss a soul, I miss that child

I miss my courage, my freedom to smile

I miss the days when life made no sense

I miss that dust, I miss its scent

I miss the nights of falling stars

I miss the bicycles, not the cars

I miss the sound of my mother’s heart

I hate the dominoes when they fell apart

I miss all the pain that made me grow strong

I miss my home, where I belong

I miss my father when he had a son

I miss the breeze when winter’s gone

I miss those feelings, I miss my friend

I miss a life that had no end

I miss getting lost, not to be found

I miss the pain that had no sound

I miss walking for miles and miles

I miss a life .. worthwhile

I miss my courage.

I miss that child.