Fifteen different brands owned by P&G advertised on podcasts in Q1

We analyzed the most frequent podcast advertisers from Q1 ’19. Get the free report on top advertisers.

During Q1, Magellan identified 2,440 brands or products advertised in pre- or mid-roll ads on the top 2,000 podcasts, excluding ads placed on back-catalog episodes of podcasts.

Top 15 ‘brand awareness’ advertisers in Q1

Magellan defines ‘brand awareness’ advertisers as those that do not use vanity URLs or show-specific promo codes in their ads. Click to play a sample mid-roll or pre-roll ad for each advertiser:

  1. Geico
  2. Capital One
  3. Progressive
  4. Procter & Gamble
  5. TrueCar
  6. Policygenius
  7. Comcast
  8. Intuit
  9. Spotify
  10. Liberty Mutual
  11. Hulu
  12. Royal Dutch Shell
  13. AOA
  14. Edible Arrangements
  15. Uber


We picked up ads from 15 different Procter & Gamble brands during Q1. Some of those brands included Align Probiotic Supplements, Charmin, Gillette, Olay, Old Spice and more. The majority of the ads were run on Comedy, Society & Culture, and News & Politics podcasts. However, a couple of ads were picked up on Technology and Arts podcasts.

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Our analysis answers questions like:

  • How advertisers stacked up in Q1
  • Comparing ‘direct response’ and ‘brand awareness’ advertisers
  • Which brands didn’t make the list
  • What were the top industries in Q1
  • What brands advertised for the first time in Q1
  • Which Apple Podcast categories did brands advertise on in Q1
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