June Top 15: BetterHelp moves into the #1 spot and Rothy’s makes the list for the first time

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Jul 23 · 2 min read

Spotlight: Rothy’s

We first picked up ads for Rothy’s in June 2018 when we were tracking the top 400 podcasts. This is the first time Rothy’s has ranked in our top 15 podcast advertisers list. In June, we picked up Rothy’s on 13 new podcasts including 60 Minutes, Couple of Issues, and Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan. We picked up 2X the amount of ads in June compared to May.

Ads from Rothy’s talk about their sustainable, machine-washable shoes made from recycled water bottles that go with every outfit. In this mid-roll ad on , the host Ashley talks about how comfortable Rothy’s are. She says, “I never wore flats until Rothy’s came along.” The ad also mentions that all orders come with free shipping. Other ads like this one from , focus more on the companies sustainability approach. The hosts talk about their shoes being made from recycled plastic water bottles, how Rothy’s has diverted 25 million water bottles from landfills, and their zero-waste factory.

What else changed?

BetterHelp knocked ZipRecruiter out of the #1 position. Indeed and Wix made the top 15 list in June, after not being on it in May. There’s always some movement up and down the top 15 list, but we saw bigger jumps or drops from Audible (#8 to #14) Capital One (#9 to #6) and Quip (#4 to #9).

June 2019

Magellan identified 1536 brands or products on the top 2,000 during the month, the top 15 are listed below. Click to play a sample mid-roll or pre-roll ad for each advertiser:


Every week, Magellan samples episodes from 1,221 shows that rank in the Top Podcasts view available through Apple Podcasts in the US. This sample includes up to two episodes from shows that published new episodes in June 2019.

The brands listed above were ranked by the number of individual pre- and mid-roll ads that appeared in our sample. Podcasts advertising on other podcasts, foundations, and those advertising on only one show were excluded from the sample.

creates tools that help marketers at brands like SimpliSafe, Wix, and ThredUP spend intelligently on podcast advertising. Podcast publishers like WNYC and Audioboom use Magellan to track advertisers spending money in the podcast space. .

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