1 Year of Giving to Charity

So I have just written another letter to my sponsoring child living in another part of the world. It’s perhaps 4th and perhaps 5th letter to the little boy.

I quite often say they should teach students how to use and earn money in schools — when it’s one of the most important things in life. Anyhow, education is another matter and to get back to charity,,

It’s always very tempting, since I always feel like I can make good use of the money for myself rather than giving away to the charity, when I’m just,, just a student, not yet able to make my own living.

Then I just remember a quote from The Great Gatsby; ‘just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.’

Even as a student, I feel like there has been a massive supports I have received just to create and walk the path that I have made to reach here —even though it wasn’t always for 100% satisfaction — and I am now, also able to actively get involved and create whatever values I value.

Then I also get reminded of some statistics from books stating that, about 80% of the world’s newborn babies are in the 3rd world countries where, they perhaps never get a chance to realize how they can change their lives and societies; how they can claim their rights and not stand being discriminated just for being, say, being a girl or being born to a poor family..etc.; or perhaps some of them would never even know there are some different ways of living than, for example, having to walk 2 hours each day just to fill the water jar so the family can cook for the day.

It is not to make myself feel like being a good person or to show off to somebody. It’s just that, by some people’s choices, the world has come further from equality — even though there’s no absolute standard for equality — and IF, I am one of those people who benefit a little bit more than average distribution, and IF, it is more than ‘a little bit’, I think it just makes clearer why I can be more inclined to giving to charity than not; and I think it applies to just about everyone.

However, living up the goal is sometimes harder in reality than in the master plan. Sometimes it’s such a ‘pain in the ass’ I want to quit. Then I always tell myself, ‘if it’s gonna be someday, why not start today?’ and start searching for ways to more actively earn, and wisely splurge the money.

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