How to Avoid Common Rejection Reasons When Submitting App on Apple Store

Ecommerce App Development

With millions of people using smartphone today, there has been a great surge in the number of app submissions on the Apple store. Following this we have seen a fair share of App store approval process challenges. The Magento mobile app submission on Apple Store is more complicated than developing one. One of the biggest frustrations for the Shopping store owners and developers is when a submitted app is rejected during the approval process before going live on the store.

Having a look at the App Store Review Guidelines is a must for everyone who is submitting the app. But sometimes the guidelines are interpreted differently by different reviewers and frequently change over time.

We have shortlisted the top most classic rejection reasons by the Review Team that the developers often experience.

Missing Privacy Policy

Online shopping platforms ask the buyers to register before they make payment. This makes it essential to provide a privacy policy either in the app or as a link inside the App Store listing. Offering privacy policy is a great way to avoid rejection on the App Store. We recommend including both for good measure.

Lacking App Meta-Data

While the lack of app meta-data is an easy fix, but this turns out to be the major reason of app rejection. In most cases when an app is rejected by the Apple App Store, it can be due to meta-data were not provided during the submission process or the information provided was incorrect. Make sure to cross check the information and all links are working properly.

Major Bugs in App

Online shoppers are always looking for the apps that perform better and look amazing. No one would want to use an app that comes with lots of bugs and navigation issues. This is why Apple gives special attention on the major bugs and if find any, App Store Review team from reviewing your app will immediately reject it. Make sure your Magento mobile app is thoroughly tested before submitting for approval.

Dummy Data Still in App

When submitting the app on App store, make sure to remove all the dummy data, broken links, dead links or duplicate content. It can be good till the staging, but when you are submitting the app, make sure you go prepared with everything that is fresh and working. It’s also good to remove all these issues as your app is likely to get hit on the search engines as well.

Ask for Personal Information Only When Required

Don’t force the visitors to register on your store and avoid showing pop up window simply to register for newsletters. As for personal details only when required and the information should be limited to only what is required to your business. For example, if you are making an online shopping app, asking for visitor’s contact details or birthday is not directly linked to the apps core functionality. These fields can be created, but only when the user is planning to complete the checkout process and make payment for the purchase. Do not make them mandatory.

The Functionality Is Against Apple Guidelines

Google App Store is very much strict about the apps with features that are against their guidelines. If, in any case, your app has the features or functionality that are against their guidelines, your app is likely to be disapproved. For example, if you are submitting an app where you use IAP to buy physical products is not allowed. We always advice you to stay in neutral area when it comes to App store guidelines or consult with an expert to know which functionalities may be against the App Store’s guidelines.

When you can cross the above mentioned things off your checklist, you will be a step close to having your Magento mobile app successfully approved and live in the App Store.