Benefits Of Upgrading To Magento 2 For E-Commerce

Magento has won over countless e-commerce sellers because of the amazing features and functionalities that it bundles up. Not only this, the platform emerges as a hot favorite because of the constant updates it offers. The all new Magento 2 has a host of improvements that make it ideal for creating robust e-commerce stores. Sellers who want to avail the m-commerce advantage can trust this platform for magento App development too.

The advanced version has excellent developer-friendly features that enable the developers to deliver excellent solutions to the clients. Like its predecessor, Magento 2 is open-source, enabling developers to leverage the easily-available modules, templates, documentation and more. It offers high speed, easy integration, and excellent security too. The complexity of Magento 2 Development has been considerably reduced as compared to the previous version. Also, it presents a series of updates that make it a perfect match for e-commerce selling.

  • An all new folder structure with changes in theme folders, error folders, cron.php, and index.php
  • Caching is now available in both enterprise and community versions
  • Separate databases can be maintained by the developers in the enterprise edition, simplifying the order management process
  • Optimization of databases is now possible to resolve the performance issues for the store
  • Better code base to facilitate creation of quality code
  • Reduction in the number of root directories

After knowing about the improvements in the new version, it is important to understand the benefits of making the switch. Availing Magento 2.0 Migration Service is advantageous for the sellers and shoppers alike.

From The Seller’s Perspective:
1. Magento 2 brings numerous easy to use backend extensions to manage e-commerce functions such as orders, sales, payments, and shipping. A store owner can thus avail the benefit of flexibility and easy usability.
2. The seller can harness the advanced SEO capabilities of the platform to get more visitors to his store.
3. The updated version is responsive and enables the store owner to have a mobile friendly website. It offers cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility too, which gives the store a wider reach. 
4. One of the best features of Magento 2 is that it supports multiple languages and currencies. The seller can now make his store international by migrating to the new version.

From The Shopper’s Perspective:
1. Magento 2 checkout process is simpler and has fewer steps. This makes shopping more easy and enjoyable for the shoppers.
2. Users are offered a personalized experience on Magento 2 stores. The platform is empowered with tracking and analytics tools that enable the store owner to study the user behaviour and preferences. They use the information to provide a personalized experience for increasing conversion and generating brand loyalty.
3. Another impeccable benefit for shoppers is that they can make advanced searches with the filter options offered by Magento 2. The platform also yields easy browsing with comprehensive navigation features.

Transitioning to Magento 2 comes up as a great favour for any e-commerce enterprise which wants to keep abreast of the latest technologies. With such amazing features and benefits for all, the new platform emerges as the key to unlock success in the e-commerce selling space.

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