Magento 2 Checkout Resolves Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues

Selling online is a challenging prospect as you have to entice people enough to buy your products without seeing them. Amongst the major challenges that Magento e-commerce sellers face is shopping cart abandonment. Shopping cart abandonment refers to the customers not completing the checkout process and leaving their shopping carts in between. Abandoned carts have a dire impact on the sales as well as the reputation of the business. For this reason, store owners need to identify the reason and try to resolve the issue.

One of the main reasons for it is a long and cumbersome checkout process. A checkout that involves filling in too many fields and steps tend to frustrate the user and make him leave abruptly. The solution lies in simplifying the process, which can be done by migration to Magento 2. The platform is a commendable improvement over its predecessor as it offers a whole new range of features and functionalities. The most amazing amongst these is Magento 2 Checkout which goes a long way in resolving the cart abandonment problem.

Faster Checkout With Fewer Steps

Magento 2 offers faster checkout as compared to its previous version, reducing the number of steps from six to two. There is no longer a need to fill multiple fields and forms to finish checking out. This ensures that the shopper is not irritated and completes the transaction before leaving.

Automated Guest Checkout

An automated guest checkout is another amazing feature that this new version offers. The customer has the option to register with the store or shop as a guest customer. As the return guest shopper fills in their email address, their account information, shipping, and billing details are automatically loaded. This makes shopping more convenient and delightful for the guest customers and has them come back for more.

Seamless Experience

Magento 2 checkout page is extremely simple in terms of content and layout. On the other hand, the previous version had numerous fields, icons, and page links. This led to a number of distractions for the user. However, the minimalist design of Magento 2 checkout has transformed the experience into a seamless one.

Clear Shipping And Billing Information

Magento 1 checkout usually confused the shoppers in terms of shipping and billing information. They frequently entered the shipping details in the billing section. This rendered the checkout process complicated and had many customers abandon their shopping carts. But the problem has been alleviated in Magento 2 checkout as the payment tab has been put under the shipping tab. Also, the need to add billing address has been completely eliminated for certain payment methods.​

In addition to these specific benefits, Magento 2 offers an intuitive design that makes every shopping experience amazing. Therefore, online sellers should hire expert Magento developers to switch over to the new version of the platform. An enhanced checkout experience is sure to bring down the cart abandonment rate and make the business successful.

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